Cherwell Swift Conservation Project 2016 annual report

A super report here written by Chris Mason. January 2017.

Tough times continue for swifts nationally and locally. Numbers continue to decline, and the causes remain the same - fewer insects, increasingly unpredictable weather patterns and loss of habitat. But they have great champions locally including those supporting the Cherwell Swift Conservation Project and this report highlights many positive examples of work being carried out by volunteers including monitor initiatives and providing and protecting nest spots. There are lots of great photos in the report and it also includes an excellent graphic showing their estimate of the number of nest sites in Cherwell district by parish. Notice the number of ‘Red’ parishes indicating no nesting Swifts, and that many others have only a few remaining pairs - although with a note that even a parish ‘extinction’ need not be permanent for anyone willing to have a try and to persevere to encourage swifts back to nest with examples of where this has worked.

Posted: February 15, 2017