Data licence charges

Where the data is required in GIS format for a large geographic area (search areas greater than a 10km square or 1000ha, or a 5km buffer around a site), a data licence can be provided. The charge for a data licence is based on the time taken to extract the data, plus a contribution towards the annual costs of collating and managing the TVERC database.

The data licence will be granted for one calendar year, after which the data should be deleted (unless a new data licence is agreed)

The datasets provided will be the same as those provided to our funding partners and be updated on the same schedule. Bespoke datasets will incur an additional charge.

Standard charges for data licences (for commercial companies and governmental bodies)

The below charges are prior to the addition of VAT, currently 20%

* Total charge = cost per ha multiplied by no. hectare PLUS flat rate per dataset.


Reduced rate charges for data licences (for registered nature conservation charities and Community Interest Companies)