Data search charges & response times

Standard charges

These charges apply to commercial companies and governmental bodies. They also apply to individual householders or landowners using the data for development purposes (e.g. bat records for a planning application). Please note we do not supply formal quotes to be included in quotes for project tendering. For such cases please use these guidelines, use our data request cost calculator or call us for a quick informal idea of the cost.

Our charges are carefully set at a rate to ensure we can continue to provide a service now and into the future for the benefit of our environment.

The standard charges are set out in the table below. If you require different information, this will be charged at a rate of £55 per 1km buffer of information, for example a standard 2km species and sites search will cost £200, as outlined in the table below, but a 3km species and sites search will cost £310. We will give you a written quotation before we proceed with any work for non-standard reports. Although we hold bat and badger data we will also direct enquirers to the local bat and badger groups who hold largely different data. They may also charge for data. We will also supply contact details for some ornithological societies and for a few searches we may direct enquirers to other relevant data holders depending on location.

Where the data is required in GIS format for a large geographic area (search areas greater than a 10km square or 1000ha, or a 5km buffer around a site), a data licence can be provided. See our data licence charges page.

Standard charges for data searches (excluding VAT)

Single species or bats


Protected, notable and invasive (P,N&I) species up to 2km site buffer


P,N&I species and sites up to 1km site buffer


P,N&I species and sites up to 2km site buffer


P,N&I species up to 2km, sites and habitats 1km site buffer


P,N&I species up to 2km, sites and habitats 2km site buffer


Additional data requirements will be charged at a rate of £55 per 1km buffer.


Reduced rate

The charge will be reduced by 50% in the following situations:

  • For landowners requiring data for landholdings of more than a single site, and where the data will be used solely for conservation purposes (e.g. Farm Environment Plans).
  • For Parish and Town Councils using TVERC data for Parish Plans, Community-Led Plans or Neighbourhood Development Plans.
  • Funding partners (and contractors working on their behalf) who have signed the Memorandum of Understanding.

We also offer a reduced report specifically tailored to Neighbourhood Plans that costs £75+VAT. This report contains Protected, Notable and Invasive Species and Statutory and Non-Statutory Protected Sites, but the citation for protected sites will not be included.

Fee waived

We are able to waive the fees in the following circumstances:

  • Species search charges will be waived where there are fewer than five species records within the requested search area.
  • Site search charges will be waived where there are no designated sites within the requested search area, or where the only sites present are Conservation Target Areas or Biodiversity Opportunity Areas.
  • Charges will be waived for data searches for individuals, landowners and organisations where the data will be used solely for conservation or research purposes AND where the search relates to a single site (e.g. a Local Wildlife Site). In these cases, a donation of £30 per hour will be invited, to cover the costs of extracting and presenting the data. This does not include private individuals making requests related to proposed development on their own land, or ecological consultants requesting data on behalf of a landowner.

Response time

  • We will usually process a request within 24 hours, and send you a quote which needs to be signed and returned, after which we email you a report within 10 working days of the returned quote. Standard searches can be completed without requiring a quote to be returned, so after receiving the completed online form we email you a report within 10 working days.
  • Searches required within 1-3 working days will receive a 100% surcharge.
  • Searches required within 4-6 days will receive a 50% surcharge
  • You should allow up to four weeks from the date of return of a signed quotation for searches where we have waived the fee.

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