Ecological surveys

TVERC's highly qualified and experienced ecologists can carry out ecological surveys for land management or nature conservation purposes. (Please note: TVERC do not carry out surveys for development applications.)

We can provide the following:

- Surveys, assessments and data to support Countryside Stewardship applications, such as:

  • 'Farm Environment Record' (FER) maps
  • 'Building wildlife assessments' - an assessment of the suitablility of farm buildings for Barn owl, Kestrel and Bats
  • Grassland assessments
  • Pond Assessments

- Hedgerow Surveys to assess against Hedgerows Regulations criteria for Important Hedgerows

- Woodland Surveys to support English Woodland Grant Scheme applications

- Species surveys to inform conservations strategies or action

- Monitoring of habitats or species against agreed or proposed conservation action

- Monitoring of habitats of species on existing or proposed designated nature reserves / wildlife sites


The case studies below give examples of current and recent survey projects TVERC have undertaken.  To discuss your requirements or to find out about the types of surveys TVERC have carried out, please contact

Case studies