PondNet - Amphibian Surveyors Training Event - April 11th 2016

PondNet are running a great crested newt (GCN) survey evening on April 11th at The Earth Trust Centre, Little Wittenham, Oxfordshire. Contact Pete Case: Regional Project Officer Central England pcase@freshwaterhabitats.org.uk to get involved.

What is PondNet?

PondNet is a national volunteer survey network collecting information about trends in pond quality and pond species, including uncommon plants and animals.
The network is being rolled out, county by county, over the next three years, so that by 2018 it covers all of England and Wales.

Make a difference
The aim is to provide much needed information that will tell us the extent to which freshwater biodiversity is under threat, and will help to guide the direction of freshwater policy.

We are recruiting amphibian surveyors now!
Anyone can take part in a PondNet amphibian survey:
•No previous experience required, only one day time visit required:
Frogs and Toads:It’s easy to survey toads and frogs, just read our online material and watch the training video.
Great Crested Newt DNA: This is a new and exciting way to survey amphibians –just collect a water sample using special kits, and freepost it back to us. The sample is analysed in the lab to see if DNA from Great Crested Newts is present.

•More experience needed and a time commitment to undertake four visits:
Great Crested Newts:You need experience, commitment and a license to do this survey, which uses traditional survey methods including four night-time torching visits.

Selecting a site to survey:
Amphibian surveys are based on a survey of all ponds in a 1km grid square to confirm presence/absence:
•You can chose one of our pre-selected survey sites. We arrange landowner permissions and once you’ve signed up, we’ll send you a survey pack with all the information and survey forms you need to carry out the survey.
•If you can’t find a site that suits, choose your own square, and using the standardised survey forms add it to the PondNet network.
•Afterwards, enter your data online or return your completed survey forms to us.

Posted: March 16, 2016