Spotlight Grid Square

TVERC receives data from hundreds of recorders, both volunteers and professionals, across Berkshire and Oxfordshire and currently the TVERC database has nearly 3 million species records.  However, these records are not evenly distributed and there are several grid squares throughout Berkshire and Oxfordshire for which we hold no protected or notable species records. In an attempt to improve this, we are implementing a “Spotlight Grid Square” feature!

A grid square from Oxfordshire and a square from Berkshire will be selected, and we’d be incredibly grateful for records of ANY species you find from within these squares (or indeed that you don’t find, as absence records are also very useful). So, if you live nearby or want to help maintain and improve our natural environment, go and have a look around the highlighted square and let us know what you find!

These data are vitally important in order for our partners and data users to make evidence-based decisions about the natural environment. Without high resolution, quality assured and up-to-date data we don’t have a clear picture of the state of nature, and therefore can’t effectively protect or enhance it. You can share your records with TVERC via our website. Photographs are always helpful too, as we keep an image gallery of species found in Oxfordshire and Berkshire.


Berkshire: Grid square SU9080 is easily assessible, and is found near Bray, Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead and contains the Jubilee river nearby.


Oxfordshire: Grid square SU3594 is found near Stanford in the Vale, Vale of White Horse.

Please ensure that you remain on public rights of way and do not access land for which you have not been given permission. Make sure someone knows where you’re going, and keep an eye on your surroundings – stay safe!

Whilst we are particularly asking for wildlife sightings in these grid squares, you can of course share with us any records you have from across Berkshire and Oxfordshire.