Swifts and Churches

Photo: Swift Conservation
Photo: Swift Conservation

Churches and other old buildings are favourite nesting places for Swifts. They use small gaps and crevices under eaves and tiles. Sadly Swift numbers have declined dramatically in the last 20 years or so – probably by as much as 40%. One reason for this is that nest places are lost when buildings have to be repaired.

So the decisions of the Oxford Diocese to try to leave these nest places unaffected by building work, and look favourably on requests to make provision for Swifts during major repairs or renovations, are excellent news for Swifts.

However to have any significant impact on our local Swift numbers we need to establish which Anglican churches in the Diocese Swifts are still using for nesting.

So please help by checking your local church this summer (May to August) and report likely nests by 31st August to:

Chris Mason (Oxon) chrismasonsw@gmail.com

Jan Stannard (Berks) jstannard@siteset.co.uk

Sue Hetherington (Bucks) secretary@bucksbirdclub.co.uk

Thank you.

Chris Mason

Posted: April 19, 2016