WILDside project opportunities for tutors and biological recorders

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Are you seeking more training, or alternatively prepared to offer tutoring in biological recording?

The WILDside project covers Northamptonshire and will encourage new biological recorders, and support and train existing ones. This will take place through workshops and follow up sessions with the opportunity to survey local wildlife sites. As someone with an interest in local natural history, you might be interested in NBRC’s WILDside Project – particularly if you want to develop your identification and recording skills or wish to be involved with some of the survey activities.  WILDside offers a real opportunity to support and get the most out of wildlife recording for the benefit of Northamptonshire’s natural environment.

The following page provides more information and if you’d like to tell us what the project should offer you, please follow the link and complete the brief questionnaire.

You can find further information and news about WILDside via NBRC's website http://northantsbrc.org.uk/.

Or contact Ryan Clark, WILDside Project Coordinator


Posted: March 22, 2017