2019 Survey Highlights from Berkshire

Article written by Katherine Holmes, Berkshire Biodiversity Officer

In 2019 a total of 11 existing and 5 proposed Local Wildlife Sites were surveyed by Katherine Holmes and Yolanda Vasquez.

A variety of habitats were surveyed across these Berkshire sites, including ancient woodland, recently created wildflower grassland, wet fen and parkland.

Some highlights of the season were:

  • A network of small to moderately sized ancient woodland LWS near Bucklebury Common, which have not been surveyed for many decades. Many plant species indicating long-established woodland have persisted, including pignut, moschatel, wood sorrel and wild strawberry.
  • Peacock Meadows proposed LWS in the outskirts of Bracknell, which is a large grassland site extensively enjoyed by the public. This site is an example of successful wildflower meadow creation, and the species established include quaking grass, oxeye daisy, hairy tare and common sorrel.
  • Wargrave Marsh LWS to the south-east of Henley-on-Thames is an interesting mixture of wet woodland, fen and grassland, owned by passionate local people. It supports good faunal diversity, and during the survey a variety of damselflies and butterflies were observed, in addition to birds including reed bunting, sedge warbler and bullfinch.

Posted: November 8, 2019