Au Revoir but not Goodbye from Camilla

I’m happy-sad to announce that I’ll be leaving TVERC as I have accepted an offer to be the Director of Wild Oxfordshire and will be starting there on 1st June.

I’ve been wanting to move into the charitable sector for some time now, and I think there’s lots of potential to achieve great things at Wild Oxfordshire, supported by society’s realisation and acknowledgement that there’s a climate change and biodiversity emergency. Wild Oxfordshire has the ambition to grow, and to increase its influence in strategic conservation and I feel like this is an opportunity to make this happen and achieve some big gains for our environment. I will continue to be advocating for the importance of data-led decisions and the essential work TVERC does whilst at Wild Oxfordshire. I also very much hope that Wild Oxfordshire and TVERC will work even more closely together in future.

Although I’m not moving out of the sector, or the county, there will be some of you who I won’t see around as much. I am going to really miss you! The TVERC team of staff and volunteers are a brilliant bunch of hard-working, friendly and knowledgeable people, highly dedicated to conserving our natural environment. Thank you for everything - it’s been a genuine pleasure to work with you.

There will be time over the summer and autumn when TVERC does not have a Director in post and we have made some plans to minimise the disruption caused by this. Dan will take over much of the Director responsibilities on an interim basis, including line-management of all staff, with Robbie ‘stepping up’ to cover some aspects of project work, and Filipa carrying out most data searches. Please bear with us if we’re a little slower to respond until we get a new Director in post.

We will soon be advertising for this vacancy.

Posted: June 4, 2020