Berkshire Churchyard Survey

Surveys of Berkshire Churchyards was a project organised by botanist Roy Maycock who mobilised other local botanists to carry out at least two surveys for each of 148 Berkshire Churchyards and cemeteries over the period 1985 to 2000. Charlie, a TVERC volunteer, started by mapping all the churchyards, so that we have a record of where they are located and then settled down to transcribe the flora records from paper into spreadsheets.

As a result of his work, we have been able to add 15,280 plant records for 148 Berkshire Churchyards to our database. Apparently there is a draw for the title of “most common taxa” between daisy and dandelion! The average number of taxa per churchyard is 104 and the churchyard with the most taxa is St Mary's, Langley Marsh with 214 taxa, closely followed by St Mary's, Twyford with 205.

If you belong to a community group or are an individual involved in looking after a Berkshire Churchyard, you can apply to get records for your churchyard for free from our online data search service. When we have completed the same exercise in Oxfordshire we are looking forward to doing some analysis of the combined data set.

Posted: March 8, 2019