Bird Trends in the Heart of England 1977-2016

Banbury Ornithological Society (BOS) released their latest report -  Bird Trends in the Heart of England 1977-2016,  a review of the population trends of Farmland and Woodland species in south central England compared to the whole of England for the 40 year period 1977 to 2016. 

The report represents a local version of the Defra publication Wild Bird Populations in England and is designed to provide local wildlife groups, local authorities and farming groups with more specific local information on the status of birds within their coverage area.

The report highlights species that are undergoing significant local population declines, allowing environmental groups, including the BOS, to try and put in place measures to assist these species. It also notes species that are doing better locally.

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The report can be downloaded for from this link: Bird Trends in the Heart of England 1977-2016

The content can be reproduced as long as it is suitably credited to the BOS and the organisations providing the data the report uses. 

Posted: December 4, 2018