Bisham Barn Owl Nest Boxes

Barn owl (Tyto alba) © Vince Cartwright
Barn owl (Tyto alba) © Vince Cartwright

Bisham Barn Owl Nest Boxes (BBONB) is a voluntary group established in 2014 to encourage the population of Barn Owl and other declining species in our area, based in Bisham, Berkshire.

The group has been making a large range of boxes for a few years and have now installed around 400 large boxes and over 200 smaller boxes.  They have also been instrumental in supporting the formation of three local Swift Support Groups by manufacturing and installing special Swift Nest boxes.

The boxes are built using designs based on those recommended by the Barn Owl Trust, Hawk and Owl Trust and others. The different species have different nesting and brood characteristics and these are reflected in the designs. The boxes are fitted with access doors for monitoring by suitably licenced people where necessary.

The Owl and Kestrel boxes are made from 9 mm external plywood unless otherwise stated, coated with high-quality wood preservative after completion. Corner joints are made using battens and screws. External boxes have the top covered with roofing felt, glued and stapled in place.  They are secured to the tree by means of a separate batten fixed with coach screws. This enables safe lifting of the box into place and it is then secured with wire ties.

Please contact Bisham Barn Owl Nest Boxes for advice on suitability of local habitat and location of the box. Bisham Barn Owl Group are happy to visit to advise and also to install the box if you are within 10 miles of Marlow.


Prices for boxes can be found on their website:

Posted: October 2, 2018