British Entomological & Natural History Society - Training Workshops 2019/2020

The British Entomological & Natural History Society (BENHS) offers you the opportunity to develop your natural history skills and entomological interests with this weekend workshop series. 

For beginner to improvers to the more experienced these workshops are free but places are limited. It is essential you book your place! To check availability and to take part on any workshop please contact BEHNS Indoor Meeting Secretary and Training Workshop Co-ordinator: Mr Stephen Lings, lings24@btinternet, 07854 793681.

Find out more about the BENHS workshops 2019-2020 here.

  • Sat 9th Nov: Wasps, counting to three - 3 sub-marginals and a long petiole
  • Sat 16th & Sun 17th Nov: True Flies (Diptera) identification workshop to family level

  • Sat 23rd Nov: An introduction to Nocturnal Ichnumonoidea

  • Sat 7th Dec: An introduction to Leafhoppers and allied groups

  • Sat 4th Jan: An introduction to Terrestrial Heteroptera to Family Level

  • Sat 1st Feb: Wasps, counting to three - 3 sub-marginals and a short petiole

  • Sat 15th Feb: An introduction to Soldierflies and allies

  • Sat 22nd Feb: Introduction to ‘Rove Beetles’ Staphylinidae

  • Sat 7th Mar: An introduction to Leaf Beetles (Chrysomelidae)

  • Sat 21st Mar: Introduction to ‘Craneflies’ (Tipulidae) identification

  • Sat 4th Apr: Introduction to Weevils (Curculionidae) identification

  • Sat 18th Apr: An introduction to Sawfly identification

  • Sat 25th Apr: ‘Nature Sketching’ or observational field drawing

  • Sat 2nd May: Introduction to Ichneumonidae and general surgery
  • Sat 16th May: Introduction to Yponomeutidae Micro Moth identification

  • Sat 6th Jun: An introduction to Spiders (Araneae) identification

  • Sat 13th Jun: Introduction to social and cuckoo bumblebee identification

The events are informal, with the emphasis upon practical demonstrations and with plenty of opportunities to try out the methods and ask questions. If you have problem specimens which defy indentification, bring them along to challenge th experts!

Posted: October 7, 2019