Data Search Numbers

TVERC, alongside several other record centres, have seen a reduction in the number of data search requests in the last year. The definitive reason for this is unknown, however economic uncertainty often goes hand in hand with a slow-down in the housing market and decrease in development, which would result in a fall in the number of data searches. A similar drop was seen in 2009-10 after the recession in 2008. The number of searches has been consistently increasing since that dip in 2009-10, until 2018-19. If economic uncertainty persists, it is likely that the decline will continue (early figures from 2019-20 suggest this is the case). This is worrying for TVERC, as data searches from ecological consultants working on behalf of developers are a key source of income. TVERC will continue to diversify our income streams to help address this, but it may be that we will have to decrease the amount of work we do to match the decrease in income.

Posted: June 7, 2019