High Park Biodiversity Survey Project – Progress Report

Aljos Farjon is currently leading a full 4-year biodiversity survey in High Park, Blenheim, near Woodstock in Oxfordshire. The survey went into its third year in February and ran until August 2019 and there are already significant results.

In all three years the team had full access from February to July but (very) limited access from August to December. This has caused a reduction of potential records, possibly in the order of 20%, because many organisms will only be found between August and November. Despite these limitations, a total of 2,908 species of fungi, plants and animals in High Park were recorded. In a meeting with management in January 2020 it was agreed to arrange access on specified days for the period August-November (two days per month) in an attempt to catch up on missed species.

We look forward to what the fourth and final survey year will bring!

This project is supported by the TVERC Recorder Grant Fund to support travel costs for the volunteers.

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Posted: February 27, 2020