Islip Welcomes Swifts!

The village of Islip, north-east of Oxford has been getting ready to welcome swifts back. Over the last few years, swift boxes have been popping up all over the village to supplement the natural, mainly roof-based, nesting sites that have been used for many years. Last week, TVERC’s data manager, Ellen Lee, joined local resident and friend of swifts, Jocelyne Hughes, to record accurate locations and details of all the natural and artificial nesting sites in the village. We hope that this will help local residents monitor the birds when they return in or around the beginning of May. In all they recorded 48 artificial sites (boxes etc) and 12 natural nesting sites as can be seen in the map below (artificial sites are red circles and natural sites are green).

Does your village have swift boxes?

If so, we’d love to hear from you ( because TVERC is creating a database of swift boxes and other artificial nesting sites (swift bricks etc) as a first step in widening the monitoring of nesting of this iconic summer visitor.

Posted: March 28, 2019