January 2021 Data Highlights

© G Breadmore

January is always a busy time in TVERC for receiving data. Many wildlife recorders use the Christmas break to sort out their records from the previous year, and ecological consultancies have time to sort out their survey records too. This January seems to have been particularly busy with 62 data sets having arrived and been logged during the month so far. So, a big thanks to everyone who has submitted their or their company’s records.

I’m very pleased to be able to report that we’ve recently received the first 5 year tranche of records covering our area from Butterfly Conservation. TVERC already has nearly 107,000 BC records in their database, but they have come to us via many different pathways and are generally more than 10 years old, so it will be wonderful to have complete and more up to date records. The most recent 5 years of records contains around 212,600 records, so I suspect that the complete data set will be several times larger than this.

Perhaps you remember me mentioning a couple of white stork records that were spotted in Berkshire last summer. After our newsletter went out, we were contacted by the White Stork Project which is based at the Knepp Estate. It has led to an agreement to share records between us which is fantastic. They also confirmed that the Berkshire sightings over the summer were of one of their birds. Apparently, they have large blue rings on their left legs. If you are lucky enough to spot one, please look out for this. We’ll let off last summer’s observer for not reporting this as he spotted the birds from the train!


Posted: January 28, 2021