Nature Sensing - AudioMoth

Nature Sensing is a project run by The University of Oxford and Oxfordshire County Council who are interested in documenting the presence of natural sound where they live.

Volunteers selected to take part in the Nature Sensing project will receive an AudioMoth, an open acoustic device for monitoring biodiversity and the environment, posted to them prior to an agreed start date. Upon delivery, the device will need batteries and an SD card inserted (delivered with the AudioMoth) and configured through an audio key, which will be available from this website.

Once configured, you will be asked to safely deploy an AudioMoth in a green space accessible to them (such as a garden) for a duration of two weeks where the device will intermittently record samples of soundwave data.

Once the two-week data collection period is complete, the AudioMoth can be taken down and returned to the study team for data analysis in the pre-paid envelope provided.

Data collected will inform early explorations by academics at the University of Oxford, Newcastle University and King’s College, London into the soundscapes around us and how the audible presence of Nature (or lack thereof) may impact our lived experience, health & well-being.

If you would like to volunteer as a Citizen Scientist or discuss the project further, you can contact or visit the website here.

Posted: June 9, 2020