*New* Data Search Package for Great Crested Newts

Great Crested Newt © Helen Miller

TVERC have launched a new data search package for Great Crested Newts (GCN).  This package builds on our experience of data analysis and presentation to provide a product to support ecological decision making for this important species.  As District Level Licencing is rolled out across the TVERC area, this new package will help you to make evidence-based decisions about the appropriate approach for your project.

The package includes data on GCN occurrence (both positive and negative records), suitable habitats within the search area, and NatureSpace's GCN risk zones. This differs from the existing "Single species" search option, as you will receive a summary, a map and a web-map of those data, rather than a simple spreadsheet of GCN records.

TVERC have launched an improved pond mapping initiative, and each pond has been assigned a “History” attribute, dependent on whether the pond has been previously surveyed for GCN and the results of those surveys.

The following link will take you to an example web-map output of the GCN package. The GCN package is available as part of our standard data search service, costs can be seen on the search charges section of our website.


Posted: July 2, 2020