New Service: Neighbourhood Plan Report

Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre (TVERC) has launched a new product aimed at communities preparing Neighbourhood Plans.  The report provides some basic information about the wildlife and protected areas that can be found in your neighbourhood plan area which can only be accessed through TVERC.

The new report provides a list of wildlife species that have been recorded in the local area, along with details of when they were recorded and their conservation status.  This will help communities deliver targeted action as part of neighbourhood plans.

The report also includes a map of the Local Wildlife Sites in the local area.  Local Wildlife Sites are surveyed by TVERC and assessed against selection criteria by a panel of local independent wildlife experts.  They represent some of the most important areas for wildlife at a county level.  We will provide you with a map of these sites and their names.

The report provides summary details that can help communities set out policies and plans for their neighbourhoods.  However, this report does not provide the full details of Local Wildlife Sites nor does it include all of the records of wildlife in your parish.  These data are available from TVERC, but at a greater cost.

The new Neighbourhood plan report is available to request via the TVERC website at a cost of £75 + VAT.

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Posted: November 5, 2018