Oxfordshire's Citizen Science WaterBlitz 26th - 29th April

The 8th Thames WaterBlitz will take place on 26th to 29th April 2109. This bi-annual Citizen Science event, first launched in September 2015, involves hundreds of volunteers carrying out quick and easy to use tests for phosphates and nitrates in local ponds, lakes, ditches, springs, streams and rivers. The Water Blitz is timed to coincide with tests carried out on the non-tidal River Thames by scientists from the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH). Sharing the data with the Environment Agency, CEH and Catchment Partnerships helps to fill gaps in our knowledge about our local environment. The intensive testing done by volunteers can help identify key pollution sources or clean water spots that act as refuges for some of our special wildlife that’s more sensitive to water quality, such as the beautiful but rare fen violet.

Registration is now open for the next Thames WaterBlitz between the 26th and 29th of April. Please follow the steps on this video to register for the event and request your free Freshwater Watch kit https://freshwaterwatch.thewaterhub.org/group/thames-blitz . Don't forgot to register before 21st April to allow time for testing kits to be posted.

Oxfordshire's Citizen Science WaterBlitz 26th - 29th April  - if we're too late the next ones are 20th-23rd September 2019 and 24-27th April 2020

If you are interested in seeing the data collected  during previous WaterBlitz events and getting to know more about your local freshwater environment, please visit the Freshwater Links platform: https://freshwaterlinks.org . 

This year’s WaterBlitz is funded by Thames Water as part of its ongoing commitment to local water quality through the Community Investment Fund.You can also share the event on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #waterblitz.

Waterblitz informationwater@earthwatch.org.uk  if you have any further questions. 

Register for the Waterblitz:


Evenlode Catchment Partnership or Natural Flood Managementann@wildoxfordshire.org.uk www.wildoxfordshire.org.uk

Posted: March 6, 2019