Spring 2018 Recorders' Conference

Nick Issac, CEH - photo by Mark Kail
Nick Issac, CEH - photo by Mark Kail

On Saturday 10th March 2018 we held our Spring Recorders' Conference at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology in Wallingford. We were delighted to have a really good turnout, with many local wildlife groups represented. 

Thank you to everyone who took part, especially if you gave a talk, led a workshop, were an event helper or brought along a display. Thank you also to the Grit Howe Charitable Trust for their funding, and to CEH for their support with hosting the conference.

The day started with a presentation from Camilla Burrow and Dan Carpenter from TVERC, outlining the data that TVERC holds and also some of the analysis and resources that we have developed to aid better understanding of this information.

There were three 'speed update' sessions where we heard 5-10 minutes from each speaker on a wide range of topics. Below are some of the upcoming events and volunteering opportunities that were mentioned, in case you didn't get to write them down:

  • Banbury Ornithological Society are looking for volunteers to help with a survey of breeding yellowhammers in early July - email bosdata@outlook.com if you are interested
  • River Thame Conservation Trust will be running a citizen science survey of water quality throughout May 2018 - to get involved see Thame Water Blitz
  • FSC BioLinks are running a series of invertebrate training courses for only £5 per day
  • To volunteer with the Oxford Swift City project, go to the RSPB Volunteering page and search for Oxford Swift City 
  • Wild Oxfordshire are running a Thames Waterblitz on 23rd April, a pollinator ID training day on 9th May and a summer local environment groups conference on 21st July - for more details register with Roselle
  • Butterfly Conservation are looking for help surveying wood white butterflies in north Buckinghamshire between May and August - for details, contact Nick Board

We had a session called 'To TVERC and Beyond' with Ellen Lee, Giles Sutton and John Wenman which explained the process of how data is collated by TVERC and used by local authorities and ecological consultants. This reinforced the importance of having environmental data available to make evidence-based decisions.

In the afternoon there was a choice of workshops to attend, on the themes of: field identification of spider families, creating multi-access keys, craneflies and flora guardians.

Our last presentation of the day was given by Nick Isaac from the Biological Records Centre at CEH. It was really interesting to hear how biological records are used at a national scale, and how bias is accounted for when looking at trends and distributions.


If you didn't complete a feedback form on the day, you are welcome to complete one now and email it to tverc@oxfordshire.gov.uk

Our next recorders' conference will be on Saturday 29th September at Oracle, Thames Valley Park in Reading. Email tverc@oxfordshire.gov.uk if you would like to be notified about future conferences.

For more photos, see: Spring 2018 Recorders' Conference Photo Gallery


Posted: March 13, 2018