Swift tower design competition

Swift photo by Roger Wyatt
[Photo credit Roger Wyatt]

Would you like to help give swifts a home in Oxford? 

Enter the Oxford Swift City Project competition by sending in an inspired design for a brilliant new Swift Tower, for the proposed location of Oxford University Parks. The winning design will be built in Oxford and showcased at an exhibition!

A Swift Tower is a free-standing structure, with lots of boxes for swifts to build their nests in. The Swift Tower should be a desirable new home for Oxford’s swifts, as they are communal birds, and like to live close together. These nest boxes could help their recovery, as some traditional nesting sites in Oxford’s buildings are being lost.

Besides giving swifts a home the idea is that the new Swift Tower will inspire people to take action for swifts in their neighbourhood and raise awareness of their decline. 

Please see here a poster outlining details of the Swift Tower project. Linked here is a file containing the entry form, rules, terms and conditions. All the Swift Tower Competition information and documents can also be accessed here: www.rspb.org.uk/oxfordswifts 
Please promote this competition far and wide!

Entries are due by 30 June.

We are looking forward to seeing all the design entries - as well as the final build of the overall winning tower design.

Wider Oxford Swift City Project news and resources:


Foraging swifts records
The TVERC ‘Oxford Swift City Foraging Swifts’ recording page is up and running! The link is: http://sightings.tverc.org/ 
A brief list of instructions and screenshots is provided here.
Swift Stories
A film entitled ‘Swift Stories’ will be screened on Wednesday next week at Oxford Brookes, followed by a Q&A session with Andy Russell and Chris Mason. Flyer here
Oxford Today article
An article on Oxford Swift City was published in Oxford Today, an online newspaper – link.
Nature’s Home article
Swifts have bagged a massive feature in the Summer edition of RSPB’s Nature’s Home magazine. For those wanting a copy, please get in touch with Lucy Hyde, below. 
First OXSC nestboxes
University College has just installed five external nestboxes! Fingers crossed the swifts will take a fancy to them this summer. 
Events for May and June 2017
-    2 May – Swift talk at Ashmolean Natural History Society
-    6 and 7 May – public display out the front of the OUMNH
-    9 May – VIP celebration at OUMNH
-    13 May – public display out the front of the OUMNH
-    3 June – Festival of Nature ‘Wildfair’ display stall
-    7 June – Evening swift walk as part of Festival of Nature
-    10 June – Display stall at Oxford’s Big Green Day Out (pending application)
-    10 June – Commotio Choir, avian-themed concert as part of Festival of Nature
-    21 June – Swift walk as part of Oxford Green Week

Lucy Hyde 
Project Officer - Oxford Swift City 

RSPB Midlands Regional Office 46 The Green, South Bar, Banbury, Oxfordshire OX16 9AB 
Tel 01295 676663 
Mob 07740 515848

Posted: May 31, 2017