The TVERC database is growing

TVERC receives a lot of data each year.  Over the last decade or so, we have received about 400 individual datasets per year.  These can range from a single report with a handful of records, to a spreadsheet with tens of thousands of records in it.  TVERC carefully validates each one of these datasets before adding it to our database.

In 2018 TVERC added 331, 450 records to our database.  This is about one and a half times more than we usually add to our database.  Figure 1 shows how many records we have added to our database each year.  You will see that in 2010 we added over half a million records to our database; this was the result of merging several databases together.  However, since then we have usually added over 100,000 records each year.  As the green line shows, the cumulative number of records has been steadily growing, such that we now have over 2.6 million records into the database.

This year, 2019, looks to be another bumper year for adding records to the database.  So far we have added 198,460 and it is only the beginning of June!  We predict that we will add at least as many records as we did last year.

All of this would not have been possible without the many volunteers who have over the years helped us turn raw data into accessible, high-resolution, quality-controlled records.  We are very grateful for their continued help.  Thank you!

Posted: June 6, 2019