TVERC Photo Challenge - April

Domestic house spider © Charles Linton

We have launched our monthly TVERC Photo Challenge this April - and we have been treated to a variety of dazzling photos!

This month's Star Photographer is Charles Linton, with this stunning photo of Tegenaria domestica, the domestica house spider.

This spider makes a flat sheet-like silk web, typically with a tubular retreat at one corner. Male spiders are usually seen more often than females, as they wander widely in search of a mate. After a male has found a female's web he will stay with her for a number of weeks, mating with her repeatedly during this time. He then dies and the female eats him; the nutrients within the male contribute to the development of his young. Nocturnal in nature, T. domestica is generally it is discovered when the lights are turned on and the spider darts for cover!

The aim of this new feature is to emphasize the seasonal changes we see throughout the year, and share the diversity of wildlife that is surrounding us each month.

Variations in the flora and fauna we see throughout the seasons (also known as spatio-temporal distribution) is due to migration, hibernation, breeding and hunting aggregations and flowering times, but also factors such as predation, food availability and climate change.

As a result, our local surroundings never fail to excite us! From bluebells to red kites, bumblebees to swans, and house spiders to ancient oaks, our April photographers illustrated this with a range of stunning images.

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Posted: May 1, 2020