TVERC team update

We have had some changes in our team over the last few weeks. We said goodbye to Joanna Clark, our Biological Recording Co-ordinator in February and Katherine Holmes is now on maternity leave, so Caitlin Coombs joined TVERC as a Biodiversity Officer at the beginning of March.

Caitlin has a degree in Biology from the University of Bath, where she specialised in ecology-based modules and carried out a research project on the effects of urbanisation and habitat fragmentation on the phenotypic diversity of Plantago lanceolata populations. During this time, she spent one year working as part of the land management team at Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust, taking part in surveys and practical conservation work on a range of nature reserves in the Peak District. Caitlin has also undertaken various roles as an assistant ecologist for environmental consultancies based in Sheffield, Bristol and Oxfordshire, and is keen to get involved in local environment and natural history recording groups.

Unfortunately, Joanna Clark, our Biological Recording Co-ordinator has now left us and is moving to Australia: "Being part of the TVERC team has been an amazing experience! It’s great being able to work with a team of similar minded people, who all have their own expertise and work together so effortlessly. I’ve enjoyed getting to know our local recorders at events, such as the TVERC conferences, field days and courses, and working with them to ensure we are providing them with the support they need. I am now making the move down to Australia for the next chapter of my life and I hope to continue to work within wildlife conservation. I’d like to thank the team for making my time here so enjoyable, I will miss everyone at TVERC!” We wish her all the best and are currently recruiting for a replacement. 

Posted: March 13, 2020