Two million and counting!

Infographic outlining TVERC two million biological records milestone and sources
TVERC two million biological records infographic

TVERC have now reached, and indeed exceeded, the milestone of two million biological species records held here at the Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre!

We are delighted. It is a real team effort - including ALL those who carefully collect and share with us their species records from Oxfordshire and Berkshire. Thank you all.

The two millionth record was for a bird, the Dunnock, Prunella modularis, with the record submitted by Mark Leech.

For interest, and for fun, to help us celebrate we've pulled together a graphic summarizing our TVERC data holdings and who has contributed.

This infographic is also available here as a pdf.

You can join in too by sharing your records to add to the growing body of information for species in these two counties: See our dedicated TVERC Sightings record submission page to help you.

For further information or recording support contact us on or call us on 01865 81 5451.



Posted: January 8, 2018