Upgrading TVERC loan biological recording kit

Dark-lipped Snail photo by Brian Walker
Cepaea nemoralis

Can you help contribute towards, or promote, our fundraising appeal for better kit for volunteers?

As a not-for-profit organisation Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre collects, manages, analyses and shares data about the natural environment in Berkshire and Oxfordshire. We collect these data from a wide variety of sources, but the main source is volunteer biological recorders. These are people who give up their time to record wildlife and share these records with us. 

Weʼre currently fundraising for £2,000 to fund new equipment for biological recorders in Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

Please support our JustGiving crowd funding appeal seeking donations towards improving the quality and extent of our TVERC stock of recording equipment freely available for loan to our volunteer recorders. Any help you can give towards building a better pool of TVERC wildlife recording equipment would be really appreciated. 

Some of the equipment needed to record wildlife can be expensive and beyond the means of many people, for whom biological recording is often an unpaid a hobby. TVERC wants to support existing recorders by loaning equipment so that they can collect records for us. We also know that equipment can be a barrier to starting biological recording, so we want to encourage new people to record wildlife by providing them with equipment to help. We already have some equipment available for loan, but recorders tell us that much of it is now old and no longer suitable. We wish to upgrade the equipment we have available for loan to encourage more people to get out recording wildlife or to widen the scope of their recording. We are hoping to buy bat detectors (£78 each), trail cameras (£195 each), insect traps (£225 each) and insect nets (£40 each).

The data TVERC holds is absolutely vital for making evidence- based decisions about the natural environment in Berkshire and Oxfordshire. Wildlife conservation NGOs and Local Government use our data to ensure they are making the best possible decisions to ensure our wildlife is protected and accessible for all to enjoy. Good quality data is therefore essential to safeguarding the future of the environment in the Thames Valley.

If you have any queries about the appeal, or you are a local biological recorder interested in potententially borrowing TVERC equipment for your personal recording or a community event please contact us to find out more or to make a kit booking:

Email: tverc@oxfordshire.gov.uk  Tel:01865 815451

Please also see our 'Get Involved'  and 'Support for Recorders' webpages for more information about wider TVERC support for new recorders.

Posted: August 24, 2017