Wildlife behaving strangely!

In this strange and unpredictable time we found ourselves in, our data manager, Ellen Lee had an interesting encounter this week:

"Monday 6th April, I had a really weird wildlife lock-down experience. I was returning from my daily cycle ride. I crossed Folly Bridge, passed Speedwell St and stopped at the zebra crossing to allow a pedestrian to cross. St Aldates was completely empty of traffic. There was the lady on the crossing and one other pedestrian further up the street. Then, a muntjac deer shot out of one of the little alleyways to my left and headed for the gate to Christchurch Meadow. It was shut and it only appeared to realise this rather late in the day, but never the less made a creditable attempt at jumping the gate which is 7-8ft high! It bounced off and landed looking bemused. It then ran up the middle of St Aldates, so I followed it. It tried and failed to enter Christchurch Quad as that gate was shut too, got as far as the bus stops and decided to re-evaluate the situation. I stopped as still as I could by Pembroke Place and it ran straight at me, veering off at the last moment and almost skimming my front wheel. It disappeared into undergrowth near the adjacent church."

Have you spotted wildlife where it wouldn't normally be or otherwise behaving unusually? We would love to hear about it: email us at tverc@oxfordshire.gov.uk or join our iRecord activity is here: https://www.brc.ac.uk/irecord/join/tverc-lockdown-challenge.


Posted: April 8, 2020