A Treat out in Nature - Stuart Mabbutt courses in July

3 workshops and lectures that are ideal for learning about tools for managing stress in the workplace.
July 2nd 6pm to 10pm at Clue Hill Farm, £45.

Escape from your busy world and daily stresses and join Stuart “The Wildman’ Mabbutt (wildlife expert) and conservationist Diana Roberts for an evening exploring woods, fields and habitats in our ‘secret’ retreat, enjoy a fabulous fireside experience with refreshments, whilst reconnecting with nature.

§  Learn to identify and appreciate birdsong and discover their habitats

§  Discover how nature can help you to relax, combat pain/stress/negative feelings and emotions

§  Explore your emotional responses to varying landscapes

§  Experience magnifying nature

§  Escape whatever your daily stresses are and reflect on your natural surroundings

§  Enjoy a free gift from nature to take home with you

Suitable for adults only – no experience necessary

‘To sit round an open fire, in the woods next to the pond is an amazing experience.  Total reconnection with nature’

Cost: £45 per person

Booking online essential – http://www.creativegreen.co.uk/events/sensory-summer-wildlife-experience/

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July 3rd 1.30pm to 3.30pm at Evenley Wood Garden, £25.

A collaborative workshop between William Mankelow from Shot at an Angle and Wildman Environmental Learning.

If you’re in need of an escape from everyday life, join Stuart ‘The Wildman’ Mabbutt of Wildman Environmental Learning and William Mankelow of Shot @ An Angle for a nature workshop with a difference. 

The Hands-on Nature and Sensory Experience introduces this special way of experiencing our natural environment and exploring our responses to landscapes, and the workshop on 3rd July focuses on managing work-based stress. It will include various activities such as:

– 360 degree awareness
– Peripheral sensing
– Blindfold trust exercises
– Scavenger hunt with reduced hearing
– Creative arts
– Macro photography
– Witnessing birdsong through soundwaves

 Booking online essential – http://www.evenleywoodgarden.co.uk/stuart-mabbutt-gardening-shot-an-angle/

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July 23rd 10am to 2pm at Hopethruhorses, £50.

A collaborative workshop between Hopethruhorses and Wildman Environmental Learning.

A nature sensory workshop with a difference as we will again be in the company of a herd of 18 horses.

 Booking online essential – http://www.hopethruhorses.com/

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Stuart Mabbutt
Wildman Environmental Learning

Posted: June 30, 2016