Volunteer Surveyors needed - Thames Water for Wildlife

Thames Water for Wildlife

Let freshwater wildlife amaze you! Take part in a volunteer survey to discover more about your local ponds, streams, rivers and ditches, and contribute to vital research.

Freshwater habitats, from the biggest lakes to the tiniest trickles, pools and springs, are home to a vast array of plants and animals. Sadly it only takes a little pollution to cause the loss of much of this wildlife. Despite these harmful effects very little is known about the water quality of many of these habitats. Use quick and simple nutrient testing kits to measure the levels of nitrate and phosphate, two widespread pollutants. Help to discover flourishing freshwater habitats, where wildlife still thrives, and uncover the facts about nutrient pollution. The survey is open to individuals, groups and schools. For more information or to sign up for your free nutrient testing kits see the details below:

W: freshwaterhabitats.org.uk/projects/thameswaterforwildlife

E: hworker@freshwaterhabitats.org.uk

Click here to find a map of our results so far. Places are classed as polluted if they have either phosphate or nitrate pollution. There are lots of gaps to fill, but some interesting results so far. We have some short summaries on our website: http://freshwaterhabitats.org.uk/projects/clean-water/clean-water-results/. All the results will be open access once WaterNet is up and running. 

Supported by Thames Water and the Heritage Lottery Fund


Posted: August 30, 2016