Many of you have taken part in co-ordinating volunteers for past WaterBlitzes, and I appreciate your patience as we have tweaked and re-tweaked websites, test kit distribution etc. I'm hopeful that we have now reached a point at which we (EarthWatch and Wild Oxfordshire) are happy that the tests and data recorded will be consistent enough to start yielding useful data. To get to this point EarthWatch have put in may hours (pro-bono) and Wild Oxfordshire have applied for funding to off-set some of our coordination and engagement time and costs of the kits. We have only been partially successful with the funding, which means that while I have kits available for the next Thames WaterBlitz I will have to ask volunteer organisations that fall outside Oxfordshire to make a contribution to the cost of these. Each 'kit' (which comprises of 1@ P & N tests, plus 1 standard beaker and P & N original colour charts) costs us £3.90. Contributions to the costs of the kits can be made as donations through our Big Give page


If you're new to the WaterBlitz have a look at the short description here and follow the links to look at EarthWatch's Freshwater Watch Hub.


The tests themselves come packed in multiples of 5 so it really helps if the number of kits you request are also in multiples - but not to worry if that doesn't work for you. I should be able to cover the postage costs! 


Please let me know how many kits you would like posted before end of play Friday 23rd September. After that you will only be bale to get kits by collecting them in person. 


We really want to encourage volunteers to return to past sites and repeat the tests there, but also please sample a different warerbody type (1 still, 1 running water). For new volunteers it would be good to encourage them to look at the online map (once they've registered) and get them to look for areas near to their home or work that haven't yet been sampled. 


Everyone who wants to take part again should go to the new registration page at and make sure you can log-in (or register). We now have the opportunity to record additional ecological information in the form of standardised observations as well as photographs and the P & N results, which will contribute to developing a really useful data-resource for your catchment. 


Please respond ASAP to this request - certainly before 23rd September if you wish to receive the test kits. 

Posted: September 19, 2016