TVERC Autumn recorders' conference 7 Oct 2017

Sun spurge photo by Brian Walker
Sun spurge photo by Brian Walker

‘Our Common Cause: Clubbing together for conservation gains’

Saturday 7th October 2017. Venue: Ozone, Building 520, Oracle, Oracle Parkway, Thames Valley Park, Reading RG6 1RA

Entry rates (with free lunch, tea and coffee included) are: £10 for students/volunteer recorders, £18 for professionals. 

Booking closed.

Collaborating with each other to get the best from our recording effort and lend strength to conservation actions. This conference focuses on joined-up effort and offers the opportunity to hear from successful projects where cooperation has been a central part.


Our two guest speakers and their topics for the day are: 

  • Martin Moore, Loddon Fisheries and Conservation Consultative: "Catchment Co-operation"
  • Jeremy Biggs, the Freshwater Habitats Trust: "Great Crested Newts: A Whole New World of Conservation?"


  1. Pantheon invertebrate habitat analysis (Martin Harvey) 
  2. Earthworm identification (Anthony Roach, Earthworm Society of Britain)
  3. Collaborative recording initiatives (Anna Broszkiewicz, RSPB)
  4. Oxfordshire's dinoasaur footprints (Owen Green, Oxford Geology Trust)
  • A great variety of open floor speed updates from individuals and organisations on notable sightings, events, courses, new ways to get involved and to work together
  • A pop-up Wildguides bookstore
  • Poster and leaflet displays

See full details and booking infomation here.

With many thanks to Oracle for their continuing support for our Autumn Recorders' conferences.

Posted: September 7, 2017