Conserving Wildlife on National Trust land

Helping the National Trust manage their Sites


TVERC has collated and summarised data on designated sites, priority habitats and priority species from all National Trust sites in South East England. This involved collating data from eight Local Environmental Record Centres, Natural England and the National Trust into a report for each site, plus GIS datasets. The following LERCs provided data for this project:

This was no mean feat, as a total of 240 NT sites were assessed, and the data from within 1km of each of these sites totalled 839,979 records for species with a conservation designation, 358 statutory designated sites, 2,950 non-statutory designated sites and 26 priority habitat types covering 20,756ha.

Now that the National Trust have a complete baseline of information, they could use it to prioritise and inform conservation management actions, along with the results of ongoing monitoring programme. This is as part of a pilot project ‘Playing our Part’ to deliver National Trust's ambitions for conservation across its estate in the UK.