Data analysis and interpretation

Using existing TVERC data, or data collected specifically for the purpose, TVERC can carry out data analysis and interpretation projects to your specification.  These include:

  • Assessing habitat connectivity for protected species, to identify core areas, important corridors, barriers to dispersal and opportunities for improving connectivity
  • Identifying ecological networks and opportunity mapping to focus landscape scale conservation efforts
  • Carrying out green infrastructure audits and identifying GI opportunities
  • Assessing the value of the natural environment and identifying opportunities for enhancement, such as the assessing the value of trees to urban populations and securing investment in their protection and enhancement

Please read our case studies of current and recent projects for examples of the type of work we do.  All of our data analysis and interpretation projects are bespoke and carried out to your specification.  If you would like to discuss your requirements or for further examples of the work we carry out, please contact

Case studies