Data Exchange Agreements

Cut leaved cranesbill
Cut-leaved cranesbill, Gillian Catton

TVERC species datasets are shared with TVERC by a large number of individuals and groups. Those records can be supplied to other users to help in ensuring that decisions about planning and conservation are well informed.

It is not always possible for all data to be shared in this way and we can label records to restrict the people who can see them or reduce the precision of the location. Data agreements make sure that TVERC and the data provider are completely clear about how the data can be used. TVERC can also share some of its data to recorders as part of an agreement.

TVERC also aims to share species data through the NBN Atlas, making records available to researchers, recording schemes, local records centres, environmental organisations and government bodies. Precise locations will be blurred to reduce the risk of damage to sensitive wildlife.

As well as making sure that records get put to the best possible use, sharing also raises the profile of the individuals or groups who recorded them.

Here is an example data agreement (PDF).


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