Grid Square - SU4071 & SP5211


Berkshire: Grid square SU4071 is easily assessible, and is found just South East of Junction 14 on the M4, directly East of the village of Wickham, and contains woodland and a reservoir, which could lead to some interesting findings.


OxfordshireGrid square SP5211 is found just West of Woodeaton, assessible from the B4027. It falls within the valley of the River Cherwell, which is found to the East of the square, and contains several tributaries which may be key for invasive species that spread along waterways, such as Himalayan Balsam.

Please ensure that you remain on public rights of way and do not access land for which you have not been given permission. Make sure someone knows where you’re going, and keep an eye on your surroundings – stay safe!

Whilst we are particularly asking for wildlife sightings in these grid squares, you can of course share with us any records you have from across Berkshire and Oxfordshire.