Landowners and Land Managers

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The open countryside can be a haven for wildlife, with well-managed woodland, meadows, hedgerows and farmland attracting a wide range of species such as barn owls, brown hares, bumblebees, butterflies and skylarks.

The historical sensitive management of these areas accounts for their rich wildlife today. The continued good work by landowners and managers is key in conserving the rare species and habitats.

Who are TVERC?

Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre (TVERC) is the environmental records centre for Berkshire and Oxfordshire.  TVERC is a 'not for profit' organisation which collects, manages, analyses and shares environmental information to help people make sound decisions about how to develop and manage land sustainably and where to direct wildlife conservation work.

What can TVERC do for you?

For all areas of land in Berkshire and Oxfordshire, TVERC can provide:
  • A data search of the records we hold for your land and the surrounding area. This can include a map to highlight where the wildlife & geological sites, important habitats and species of interest are and whether they’re protected by law or planning policy. We also have a new data search package for householders.

  • Management of wildlife data that you may already have for your land.

  • TVERC's highly qualified and experienced ecologists can carry out ecological surveys for land management or nature conservation purposes.

  • Training on habitat and species surveys, biological recording and identification and in the use of GIS.

  • Funding may be available from

In addition to the above services from TVERC, if you are the landowner or manager of a Local Wildlife Site in Oxfordshire, then Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust (BBOWT) can offer free wildlife surveys, expert advice about conservation management and information about grant aid.