Local Authorities

Natural Environment Services for Local Authorities available from TVERC

Why you need TVERC?

The environmental information TVERC provides is essential for local authorities considering decisions about:

  • Whether proposed developments are acceptable
  • Preferred locations of strategic sites
  • Green infrastructure provision
  • Managing green spaces well
  • Effectively directing biodiversity conservation work

 Why do local authorities need TVERC?  

What we do?

We provide local authorities information about species, wildlife and geological sites, habitats, and ecological networks

We undertake surveys and manage the assessments of Local Wildlife Sites.

We also carry out data analysis for the monitoring of local authority Local Plans.

What data is available from TVERC and who should use it?

Neighbourhood & Community Plans 

TVERC can provide bespoke guidance and information on how to identify, protect and improve what’s most important in a local area for wildlife and people.

Additional services to aid Decision-Making

In addition to our standard datasets of species, sites, habitats and ecological networks, TVERC can provide you with a variety of datasets, maps and tools created by us specifically for your local authority area and meeting your requirements. We also carry out data analysis and ecological surveys to monitor change, provide advice on the best way to manage land for biodiversity, and provide training on GIS, species identification and survey methods. We are always ready to develop new solutions and offer bespoke services. If you think we might be able to help, get in touch with us at tverc@oxfordshire.gov.uk.

Using, publishing and sharing TVERC data

Species data

Ecological networks

Sharing data with TVERC

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