Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Ancient Woodland Inventory review

A woodland in Oxfordshire

TVERC received funding from Natural England, the Forestry Commission and Oxfordshire County Council to review and update the ancient woodland inventory (AWI) in Oxfordshire, Aylesbury Vale and Milton Keynes. The updated AWI, mapping the quality, extent and distribution of ancient woodland, included sites under 2 ha (which were excluded from the original AWI) and provides a robust evidence base to help inform planning decisions, strategic plans and various environmental projects, such as:

  • Planning for strategic infrastructure (e.g. HighSpeed2, Green Infrastructure)
  • Considering planning applications (e.g. commercial, housing, minerals and waste)
  • Directing habitat conservation work (e.g. buffering and linking smaller sites, enhancing existing sites)
  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation (e.g. carbon storage in woodland, carbon-neutral wood-fuel)
  • Wood-fuel initiatives.

The project involved using GIS analysis of modern and historic maps, supported by field work, to assess whether currently wooded sites were likely to have been wooded since at least 1600 and subsequently considered to be ancient woodland.

An abridged copy of the report for Oxfordshire is available here. Copies of the full report and further information about the project can be obtained from TVERC.