Fern © Steve Betts
Fern © Steve Betts

Access our data

TVERC holds over 4.5 million species records, has the highest quality habitat data and definitive boundaries and information on sites throughout Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

TVERC has the expertise and experience to offer a wide range of data analysis services. We use environmental data and a variety of analytical techniques to delivery analysis and insight to support decision making about the natural environment.

We are always ready to develop new solutions and offer bespoke services. Please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss your needs.

What biodiversity is in an area?

Information from our database

Submit a data search in order to access our species, sites and habitat data, there will be no charge for requests for a single site if the data will be used for conservation or research. A reduced report is available for Neighbourhood Plans.

Ecological surveys

TVERC'S highly qualified and experienced ecologists can carry out ecological surveys for land management and conservation purposes. Some recent survey projects we have carried out include identifying ponds where GCN are breeding, surveying the Ridgeway and Kingwood Common habitat survey and mapping.

Habitat mapping

TVERC have extensive experience in carrying out habitat mapping, from individual sites to entire counties. Some of our recent projects include City Sites in Oxford, District Wildlife Sites in Cherwell, Cherwell Habitat Mapping and Oxon & Bucks Ancient Woodland Inventory Review.

How much is it worth?

Tree coverage?

We can estimate the coverage of trees in an area and quantify the benefits that they provide to people. This information can help protect and enhance trees and the benefits that they supply to us. We have recently done this for Slough Borough Council.

How is biodiversity doing? (monitoring)

Annual Monitoring Reports

TVERC can produce monitoring reports for a geographic area to indicate whether wildlife is doing better or worse over a specified length of time. The environmental indicators which we currently report annually include: changes to Local Wildlife Sites, Priority habitat and Priority Species, the status and distribution of water vole or farmland birds, SSSI condition and non-agri environment schemes habitat creation and management. Contact us if you would like to discuss these or any other possible indicators.

Local Wildlife Sites

TVERC help to identify, protect and monitor sites key to biodiversity within Oxfordshire and Berkshire, with our LWS team carrying out surveys at these sites each year. Find out more here.

How can we improve our environment?

Potential green corridor identification

Using existing TVERC data, or data collected specifically for the project, we can assess habitat connectivity, identify ecological networks, assess the value of the natural environment and identify opportunities for enhancement. This can be done at the parish level right up to the county level. We have recently identified green corridors in Brize Norton parish, Eynsham Garden Village, and mapped habitat networks in Wokingham.

Land management advice

Our ecologists can provide you with advice on the best way to manage land. Some of our recent projects include helping the National Trust manage their sites and work for Oxford University on Old Road Campus, Stratton Audley Quarry, and BBOWT in Banbury and Road Verge Nature Reserves in West Berkshire.

Oxfordshire Treescapes: Reporting Service

Following up from the technical work TVERC undertook with Grow Green Carbon in selecting parcels of land that have the potential for tree planting without compromising land-use or biodiversity, TVERC has turned this data into something useful that all parties with an interest in land management and nature recovery can actively support and participate in, and that sets and example nationwide

Currently there are two versions of the treescape reports available. A Parish report, aimed at parish councils and community groups, and a Landowner report, for individuals or farming clusters. These reports are now available through Oxfordshire Treescapes Project. The hope is that these will inform and support landowners, land managers, and parish councils to plant more trees but in a way that enhances and is sympathetic to the current landscape and area


TVERC training days

Regularly scheduled training days cover topics such as identification skills across a broad range of taxa, surveying techniques and use of GIS.

Bespoke training

TVERC can also offer bespoke training, planned and developed in discussion with your organisation to suit your specific requirements and timings.