Spring 2021

Friday 26th & Saturday 27th March 10am- 12.30pm

The Spring' Conference will still be held online due to the ongoing impact of Covid-19 through GoogleMeets.  You will need to have a google account and be signed in to join in. If you don’t have a google account, this is free and can be done so here. Our recorders’ conferences offer a chance for the biological recording community to come together and share updates and information on what they are doing. Anyone who is interested in wildlife recording and conservation is welcome to attend.


We are now fully booked. Please email us at tverc@oxfordshire.gov.uk if you would like to be added to the waiting list,


We are currently making preparations and pulling the programme together so keep an eye for future updates!

Friday 26th March 

  • Robbie Still, TVERC - "TVERC in Action"
  • Marc Botham, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology - "Biodiversity Toolkit"
  • Fraser Cottington, Lavell's Wetland Trust - "Lea Farm Project"
  • Sophie Cunnington, Wild Oxfordshire - "Yellow Wagtail Project"
  • Claire Andrews,  CA Ecology Ltd - Status review of bats in Berkshire 2020
  • Tricia Marcousé, Reading Climate Action Network - "Nature and Green Spaces Action Plan"
  • Josh Deakins, TVERC Micro-intern student - "Hedgehogs - Are they really hogging all the hedges?"

Saturday 27th March

  • Ellen Lee, TVERC - "Ask the Data Manager"*
  • Noah Walker -  "West Oxfordshire Farmland Bird Project"
  • Des Sussex, Berkshire County Dragonfly Recorder -"Recording Dragonflies and Damselflies"
  • Barry Anderson, Wokingham Veteran Tree Survey - "Welcome to Charvil"
  • Fiona Hewer, Wild Maidenhead - "How can recording support biodiversity action plans and why is this important?"
  • Mike Copland, Wild Cookham - "How can we simplify data reporting to meet local priorities as well as regional and national needs?"
  • Nick Bowles, Upper Thames Butterfly Conservation - "A Reflection on 2020"
  • Kieran Storer, TVERC Micro-intern student - "Skylark population trends in Oxfordshire and Berkshire"

*In this session Ellen will answer your questions about data, either general  recording issues, how TVERC deals with species data or just questions about the data in the database. Please email us your questions to tverc@oxfordshire.gov.uk by Monday 22nd March.

Digital displays

If you wish to promote your local wildlife group, recording project or initiative as part of the digital display please email us a poster in PowerPoint format to tverc@oxfordshire.gov.uk by Monday 22nd March. Contributions will be shown during the break as a rolling PowerPoint presentation.