Trees in East Ilsley are worth £1.4 million

The Parish of East Ilsley
The Parish of East Ilsley


Trees provide a number of benefits to society, such as removing air pollution and storing carbon. These benefits are provided by nature at no cost , but it is possible to calculate the value of these benefits to us.
We used the i-Tree Canopy tool to estimate the value of trees in the parish of East Ilsley, Berkshire. Using aerial photography interpretation, we classified the land cover types to estimate the tree cover for the parish. i-Tree Canopy uses standard values for pollution and carbon removal rates to estimate the value of the benefits.


The main land cover type in East Ilsley is arable (71%), followed by grassland (15%). Ten percent of East Ilsley is covered by trees, both in woodlands and outside woodlands. Buildings and hard stand-ing account for about 2% of the land cover and other land cover types account for the remaining 2%.
The trees is East Ilsley provide estimated benefits totalling £41,000 per year. In addition the trees store an estimated 35,000 tonnes of carbon, valued at £1.4 million.


Carbon Monoxide removed annually

125 kg


Nitrogen Dioxide removed annually

680 kg


Ozone removed annually

6.78 tonnes


Sulphur Dioxide removed annually

429 kg


Particulate Matter less than 2.5 microns removed annually

330 kg


Particulate Matter greater than 2.5 microns and less than 10 microns removed annually

2.27 tonnes


Carbon Dioxide sequestered annually in trees

1,300 tonnes


Carbon Dioxide stored in trees (not annual rate)

35,000 tonnes


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