TVERC Steering Group

TVERC is guided by the TVERC Steering Group consisting of representatives from the Partners, data users and data providers.

The TVERC Steering Group has agreed Terms of Reference under which it operates. It comprises the key sponsors and main suppliers/users of data.

The TVERC Steering Group aims to operate on a consensus basis and each Partner has representation on the TVERC Steering Group. This representation may be either directly by a representative from that Partner or indirectly by another Partner who is expected to consult and feedback to the Partners they represent. All Partners agree to support the group and to use all reasonable endeavours to ensure it functions effectively and decisions are made expediently. All decisions are recorded in the minutes of TVERC Steering Group meetings.

The TVERC Director undertakes work as guided by the TVERC Steering Group. The TVERC Director reports on progress to the Steering Group at each meeting. The TVERC Director is responsible for ensuring all products and services are delivered on time, within budget and outputs are achieved. The TVERC Steering Group monitors progress by meeting no less than three times in each year (usually May, September and January).