Volunteer quotes

Below you will find testimonies from some of our volunteers, past and present, who can best say what they feel they have gained from the experience.

"Volunteering at TVERC has strengthened my CV and made me more confident to apply for jobs I thought I wouldn’t have a chance at." - Rebecca

"Having the opportunity to work in a professional environment with the range of expertise at TVERC has benefited me in many ways. From improving my biodiversity and geodiversity knowledge to increasing my confidence with GIS software." - James

"Above all else I’ve learnt of the important role that environmental record centres play within the planning system, by providing accurate data and information to people, organisations and local authorities, enabling the implementation of more informed decision-making processes." - Gavin

"The wonderful staff and the focus on teamwork really made the experience stand out. Everyone is so welcoming and the office is a great demonstration of a friendly team." - Lauren