Big Meadow Search

The Big Meadow Search is a project that has been developed by Carmarthenshire Meadows Group with the help of the Carmarthensite county plant recorder. Although developed in mid Wales, it is open to everyone to take part and you don't need your own meadow.

The aim is to search meadows and record the plant species you find using the Big Meadow Search tick list. The eve t will be running over 2 separate weeks. The first, just finished 6th June and the seconnd will be 3rd - 10th July. 

The Big Meadow Search list is based on the National Plant Monitoring Scheme (NPMS) lowland grassland species list with additional meadow species added at the end. There is a Big Meadow Search 2021 Facebook groups and a Twitter account :@bigmeadowsearch where you can add your finds, photos and comments and see what else is being found. The benefits of taking park include adding to the local knowledge of meadows in your area and records to your local biodiversity records centre not to mention the fresh air and exercise.

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Posted: June 8, 2021