Data Highlights Summer 2021

article written by Ellen Lee, TVERC Data Manager

Over the summer months the number of data sets arriving at TVERC has reduced a bit as people get out in the field recording wildlife. In terms of data set numbers though, we are still ahead of last year which itself was a record-breaking year. So, it all keeps me busy making sure it’s all safely stored, processed and imported into our database. Thanks to a great bunch of data management volunteers, we manage to keep up remarkable well and at present have a delay of approximately 2 months between receipt of data and it reaching the database.

For me, it’s wonderful to be able to find out what everyone’s been seeing. So, here are a few highlights (in no particular order!) from the summer so far:

  • A record from one of our LWS volunteer surveyors of a nightingale singing at Charvil gravel pits in Berkshire.
  • A record of green hairstreak butterfly from Stonesfield Common in West Oxfordshire
  • Videos from Waterstock Mill of what are thought to be the first gooseander chicks to be raised in Oxfordshire.
  • A record of the rare plant grass-poly from a meadow near Blackthorn. This nationally rare plant hadn’t been recorded in Vice County 23 (Oxfordshire) since 1948 and hadn’t been seen in it’s other Oxfordshire (VC22) site for a number of years.

It’s also been wonderful to continue to make contacts with local wildlife groups in the two counties. This summer we have heard from the Hamstead Marshall Wildlife Group down in West Berkshire for the first time and they have started sending us records from their wildlife surveys in the parish which is fantastic.

So, a big thanks to everyone out there who has sent us species records in the last few months. Whatever they are of, and however rare or otherwise we really appreciate the time and effort you spend both gathering and getting the records into a form to send to us. Best of luck with your wildlife spotting in the rest of the summer.


Posted: July 2, 2021