Micro-Internship Programme Gold Standard Host Award

The University of Oxford recognised Thames Valley Environment Records Centre as a Gold Standard Micro-Internship Host.

TVERC has been a Micro-Internship partner of the university since 2016 and has consistently hosted dedicated students every year taking on specific projects. Through the micro-internship, students gain valuable experience that will benefit their career progress, and, at the same time, helps support TVERC’s ongoing work in data management and analysis.

The students have contributed to a myriad of different data analysis projects including characterising biodiversity value of urban areas, accessible greenspace analysis and species gap analysis. More recently, students have also been able to share their project findings with the recording community at our conferences, highlighting one the many uses of environmental data in supporting research and where to direct wildlife conservation work. 

TVERC are currently hosting 3 micro-interns’ students and they will be assessing different butterfly species records against known Local Wildlife Sites and look for new potential Local Wildlife Sites which contain their foodplants, areas for future survey work, and also stronghold for populations. This project will help inform and influence future conservation policy decisions in the Berkshire and Oxfordshire area by providing a deeper understanding of declining or at risk species.

We hope to continue to offer micro-internships at the University of Oxford and to expand these opportunities to students at other universities across Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

We would like to thank Oxford University and past interns for their support and their recognition.

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If you have any questions or other project ideas you would like to discuss, please get in touch, tverc@oxfordshire.gov.uk

Posted: December 6, 2021