Species Data Chit-Chat November 2021

©Martin Gascoigne-Pee

article written by Ellen Lee, TVERC Data Manager

For me, October is a time for standing back and evaluating all the species data awaiting the attention of the data team and its band of volunteers. It’s a time to make sure that all the most important data sets awaiting processing and import into the TVERC database are dealt with before the new GIS layers of protected and notable and non-native invasive species records are created for distribution to TVERC local authority and other partners. This year I’m happy to report that we find ourselves in a pretty healthy situation with, on average, a two month time lag between receipt of data and import into the database. Given that we usually receive 60 to 100 data sets in a two month period, that’s not too bad. Urgent data sets (for example for sites with planning applications pending) get fast tracked and are processed and entered much more quickly.

So, since October some of the larger data sets entered have been two more year’s worth of Banbury Ornithological Society records, the 2021 Ridgeway Survey, Bird records from the Oxfordshire Golf Course, Big Hedgehog Map data (from PTES) and we have also caught up with the Action for the River Kennet river fly records. We’ve also added 2021 nest and other records received from the various swift projects in the TVERC area. Size isn’t everything and there have been a number of interesting single records added to the database too. Three such records that stand out for me are the nightjar that roosted in a pot of tomatoes on a patio in Hungerford, TVERC’s first record of a house centipede (from Chinnor) and a red-listed fungus, the sandy siltball, from a site in West Berkshire. It’s both wonderful and encouraging that new, rare and interesting wildlife is still being found on a fairly regular basis.

It's a busy time for data processing, but a quieter time of year for receiving data, especially in the run-up to Christmas. I guess I should hope that we’ll all be snowed in over the Christmas/New Year break to give us (me included!) time to sort out our records from 2021 and send them to TVERC!


Posted: November 29, 2021